gs-photo-blackandwhiteGregory Soderberg serves as the Academic Dean at LAMP Seminary RDU and teaches Biblical Greek at Cary Christian School. He has taught Theology, Literature, and Greek since 2002, and is studying for a Ph.D. in historical theology at Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam.  He holds a B.A. in Liberal Arts and Culture from New St. Andrews College.  After studying at Reformed Theological Seminary, he earned a M.A. in Church History from the University of Pretoria.  He also studied liturgical theology at Trinity Theological College.  He is married to a wise and godly woman, with five rambunctious children, who all volunteer with Safe Families for Children. They are the main reason he doesn’t blog more.


Ancient Discipline and Pristine Doctrine – Appeals to Antiquity in the Developing Reformation (master’s thesis)

“Hugh of St. Victor:  A Protestant Appropriation” (Classis, vol. XIV, no. 5)

Omnibus VI: The Modern World – selected material on Thomas Paine, T.S. Eliot, & Walt Whitman (Veritas Press)


Speaker at 2011 DCTY Homeschooling Conference (South Korea).

Transcribed Stephen Marshall’s “A Sermon of the Baptizing of Infants” (1644)  for the Westminster Assembly Project.