Fathers, We Need to Step Into our Role


Doug Wilson’s new book, Father Hunger, packs a large punch.  I feel two strange sensations at the same time–I feel like someone just hit me in stomach and knocked the wind out of me, and I also feel someone’s strong hand on my shoulder, preventing me from falling over completely.  After 9 years of fatherhood and four kids later, I’ve made my share of mistakes.  I’m glad I got this book now, rather than when I am 50.  By the grace of God, I hope its wisdom can motivate me to do more, and rely more on the grace of God.  I’ll be posting some highlights for a while …

“The role of a father as a provider and protector is not an arbitrary assignment given to an arbitrarily selected group, regardless of any other consideration.  Here is the mandate given to Adam (Gen. 2:15)–God wants men both to work and to protect.  Work has to do with nurture and cultivation, while protection refers to a man’s duty to be a fortress for his family.  We find a working definition of masculinity in the first few pages of the Bible.

When men take their responsibilities to nurture and cultivate, and to protect and guard the fruit of that nurture and cultivation, they are doing something that resonates with their foundational, creational nature.  When they walk away from these responsibilities, in a very real sense they are–don’t miss this–walking away from their assigned masculine identity” (8-9).


One thought on “Fathers, We Need to Step Into our Role

  1. I would like to share your experience and review of this book. The message is very important to convey,
    Please let me know either way. As a single father faith pulled me up when nothing else would.
    Now its time to help others even if its only one life for the benefit of the children of the world.
    The site has just started but it is built n the concept of promoting, inspiring, educating men that do great things for the families.
    I look forward to your response and would appreciate it if we could share this review.
    You can also find us on facebook.
    Have a great day

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