Review – Chuck Swindoll on John

Insights on John (Swindoll's New Testament Insights)Insights on John by Charles R. Swindoll

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I must confess that I was a bit prejudiced against this book. I had never read anything by Chuck Swindoll, but I was (and still am) under the guiding assumption that most popular Christian authors just write drivel. The ones that are doing really important work don’t tend to get the accolades (with some important exceptions). Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised. Chuck Swindoll seems to be a faithful man of God, whose passion is to communicate God’s Truth in an accessible, but also challenging, way.

I would recommend his Insights on John to anyone who wants to read a beginners-level book on this powerful Gospel. Although Swindoll is writing for a more popular audience, I can tell that he’s done solid research. There are all sorts of little nuggets of historical context, Greek word studies, and theological insight. I’m thoroughly enjoying working through it.

Perhaps most importantly, Swindoll applies the truth of each section in a way that helps me understand how the profundities of John’s Gospel apply to me now. And that, really, is the most important thing!

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