Quotes for Sean (stationed in Iraq) #2

Excerpts from … George Swinnock (a Puritan) – The Christian Man’s Calling

Addressing heads of Christian households on their Biblical duties:

“Thy house should be a lesser heaven …” (351).

“The holy performances [worship] of families that live in love, are heaven’s music; but brawlings in houses make prayers ungrateful, and have too much resemblance of the bellowings in hell” (351).

“If Christ sentences men to hell for not visiting sick and imprisoned bodies, for not feeding hungry bodies, what sentence will he pass on thee for not visiting those souls committed to thy charge, which were imprisoned by the devil, and sick unto death, and for not giving them the bread of life, but suffering them to starve and die?” (355).

“I wish that there may be a church in my house, and all the persons in it, both morning and evening at least, employed in those holy performances which my God requireth.  My house should be a resemblance of heaven above” (359).

“It is the honour and happiness of my house to exalt the worship of God in it.  His service is the greatest freedom, his work is a reward to itself; why should we be our own enemies in banishing our best friends out of our family?” (359)

“Though others labour to leave their children rich, let my endeavour be to leave mine religious” (360).

“I wish that I may manifest my love to the souls in my family by manifesting my anger against their sins” (361).

“Lord, let me never be so fond and foolish as to kill any in my family with soul-damning kindness; but let my house be as thine ark, wherein there may be not only the golden pot of manna, seasonable and profitable instructions, but also Aaron’s rod, suitable and proper reprehension and correction” (361).

(All quotes from The Works of George Swinnock, vol. 1.)


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