Why I Don’t Blog More

The last few paragraphs of this article by Carl Trueman summarize some of the reasons I don’t blog more (besides the sheer lack of time!).  I find that the more time I put into real people (my wife, my children, my students, fellow church members), the less time I have to blog.  That might just be my limitations, but read Trueman’s arguments for yourself …


One thought on “Why I Don’t Blog More

  1. This echos my wife and my view exactly. In fact, we have been praying actively for many months now that we would be focussed on our IMMEDIATE NEIGHBORS [who happen to be, 3 of them, widows or spinsters whom we are commanded to help, and the 4 are aged], rather than on grand involvements. Another neighbor is dying of melanoma. Etc. When we look around, we are surprised to start seeing Christ’s Body right here, right where we’re at. If we can’t get that right, we now are slowly understanding, what good does grand church doctrine have? Afterall, the grandest “doctrine” is that which Christ put into fleshly practice, is it not?

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