Brilliant Quips from Tom Wolfe

“In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, old people in America had prayed, ‘Please God, don’t let me look poor.’  In the year 2000, they prayed, ‘Please God, don’t let me look old.’  Sexiness was equated with youth, and youth ruled.  The most widespread age-related disease was not senility but juvenility” (Tom Wolfe,  Hooking Up, 9). 

Speaking of the literary philosophy Deconstructionism, Wolfe waxes brilliant:  “They began with the hyperdilation of a pronouncement of Nietzsche’s to the effect that there can be no absolute truth, merely many ‘truths,’ which are the tools of various groups, classes, or forces.  From this, the deconstructionists proceeded to the doctrine that language is the most insidious tool of all.  The philosopher’s duty was to deconstruct the language, expose its hidden agendas, and help save the victims of the American ‘Establishment’: women, the poor, nonwhites, homosexuals, and hardwood trees. 

“Oddly, when deconstructionists required appendectomies or bypass surgery or even a root-canal job, they never deconstructed medical or dental ‘truth,’ but went along with whatever their board-certified, profit-oriented surgeons proclaimed was the last word,” (Tom Wolfe, Hooking Up, 13).


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