Ecclesiastes and Genesis

Paul R. House makes an interesting connection between the Teacher’s pursuit of wisdom in Ecclesiastes and Eve’s pursuit of the forbidden fruit:  “Ecclesiastes 1:12-18 laments the inaccessibility of certain types of wisdom.  It is interesting to note that in Genesis 3:6 it is the woman’s drive to acquire wisdom uniquely God’s that partly fuels her decision to sin.  She wished to gain the wisdom of opened eyes, of the knowledge of good and evil and of never-ending life.  Likewise the Teacher desires wisdom that has not been granted him.  Has he overstepped his own creaturely bounds, or does he seek legitimately to know God’s truth?  Is it possible within a sinful context to learn what he wants to know?  If not, does he create his own burdensome world?” (Old Testament Theology, 473).


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