Training vs. Education

“A classical education is different in kind to the training of a technician, where the trained man demonstrates his training with a testable skill.  This, we may say, is training in the narrow sense, not an education—and many people today, without admittiting it, prefer training to education, and they must have their heart’s desire … A firm knowledge of the classical languages, history, and culture will not of itself create virtue.  It cannot shine a light into corners we have elected to keep dark, nor into those that cannot be illumined.  But this knowledge can form the mind and light a path to understanding.  For it is noble to rediscover and attend to the voices of the past.  We ignore them to our peril and to the peril of all those whom we would presume to teach.  Without a finely tuned and oft-nourished sense of the past, both near and distant, we have no culture” (Tracy Lee Simmons, Climbing Parnassus:  A New Apologia for Greek & Latin, 17.)


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