The Cosmic Egg

My four year old son has many imaginary friends.  Sometimes he has as many as 100 (the highest number he knows), but sometimes they dwindle to 30.  They’re all dogs, and they’re all named Duke.  They can run faster than cheetahs.  But, I digress.  The other day, he informed me that they don’t have mamas or papas.  I asked where they came from, since everyone has to be born from a mama and a papa.  He thought for a moment … turns out they all came from a big, warm egg.  I asked him where the egg came from.  He said it was always there.  Turns out Carl Jung was right about the collective unconscious.  Even my preschooler knows what many primitive tribes relate in their mythologies–the universe all came from a big, cosmic egg.  Do we all, in our own growth, recapitulate the growth and maturity of the human race?

The latest theological problem we’re working through is, “How does God see if He doesn’t have eyes?”  Try and explain that to a four year old!


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