I struggle with the sin of depression.  It’s been hard for me to recognize it as a sin, but Jay Adams was helpful in showing me how we need to get to the root of problems like depression (or mental illness, in many cases).  Sin is a destroyer, and the effects of sin take many forms.  As I’ve reflected on what causes me to be depressed, I submit the following:

Depression comes of not trusting in the Lord for the future and/ or in not resting/ rejoicing in what He has provided now.  Being anxious and being discontent produce a feeling of paralysis (even a visceral, empty feeling in my stomach) and depression.  But, when I take my eyes of myself and my problems, trusting in the Lord, the depression vaporizes.  Thanks be to God!


One thought on “Depression

  1. Having struggled with depression since the day I was born (or so it seems), I can appreciate the terrible effects it has on every aspect of life. Depression eats away at its victim spiritually, mentally, and physically. When people feel bad they naturally want to make themselves feel better, and with so many drugs and “feel good” websites and such they just don’t seem think they need God. I am no exception. I need God to reign in all areas of my life and I realized this least when I needed to most. It goes against human nature to “give control” to someone else. And when one buys into the idea that “man is inherently good” one doesn’t see much need to go against human nature. But man is not inherently good and, by the grace of God, I have slowly come to pretty much the same realization as you. So it was a pleasant surprise to stumble across this post. Like you said, “Thanks be to God!”

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