Exhortation – 1st Sunday After Christmas

The contemporary church is tragically schizophrenic when it comes to liturgy.  Most Christians are more consistent in their weddings than in their churches.  We all know that weddings, funerals, and anniversaries call for high liturgy.  Why is it that we get all dressed up for a wedding, but not for church?  Why is it that the Marine Corps has a higher liturgy than the army of God?  The Marine Corps exalts honor and duty.  They are highly disciplined.  Is it any coincidence that they have highly developed rituals and uniforms?  We know special occasions call for special actions and special clothes.  Why is church treated differently?  Why is gathering before the Lord of the universe treated more casually than appearing before a king or president?  Does anyone waltz up to Queen Elizabeth in a Hawaiian T-shirt?  Would you go before a human judge (wearing a robe, I might add) sporting your dingiest blue jeans?  This is most definitely a special occasion.  This is why we wear liturgical vestments.  This is why you should consider what you wear to church, and why.  I won’t lay down a dress-code for you.  But, I would challenge you to think of this as a foretaste of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.  We dress up for human weddings—why not dress up for the marriage of Christ and his Church?  We are the army of God—the Church Militant.  Let us consider our uniforms.  We are appearing before the Judge and King of the world.  Let your clothing reflect that.  Of course, our finest clothing cannot cover our sins.  Only the righteous robes of Jesus Christ can do that.  The best-dressed member of the church can still go to Hell.  Let us confess our sins and call our God to clothe us in His perfect righteousness.


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