Pseudo-Scholarship & Opportunities to Evangelize

Darrell Bock has good observations and advice on how to deal with the all the media hype about the “latest-greatest Jesus”.  The bottom line is that all the interest in works like The Da Vinci Code and the tomb of James, “the brother of Jesus” present a wonderful opportunity to evangelize.  The problem is that most Christians don’t know enough history to combat the silliness of Hollywood or the one-sided scholarship of much Jesus research.  Tolle lege–take up those church history books and read!  The fields are ripe for a harvest!


One thought on “Pseudo-Scholarship & Opportunities to Evangelize

  1. Here’s the quote that struck me funny.

    ” Conversation stoppers are those questions that nearly everyone on the street knows to ask when the sensitive subject of Jesus comes up….”Don’t you know that history is written by the winners, and now that we can hear the losers, we need to revise the Bible’s story?””

    The humor in that is that the “winners’ more times then not went to their deaths to support their beliefs. The “losers” generally went to the secular gov’t to get support for their views to remove the “winners”.

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