Noah and Deucalion

Theophilus of Antioch (115-c. 181) notes an interesting connection between Noah and the mythical Greek character, Deucalion.  In his long treatise “To Autolycus,” Theophilus argues that the Bible is older than Greek mythology.  Along with other church fathers, Theophilus also contends that whatever was true or noble in Greek mythology was borrowed from Biblical truth. 

He draws this similarity bewteen Noah and Deucalion: “Noah, when he announced to the men then alive that there was a flood coming, prophesied to them, saying, Come hither, God calls you to repentence.  On this account he was fitly called Deucalion,” (Theophilus to Autolycus, III.xix ).  The editor explains that “Deucalion” derives from the Greek words, “Deute” (come) and “kaleo” (I call).  I don’t know whether this connection would hold up in a court of modern philology, but it ties in nicely with what 2 Peter 2:5 tells us about Noah, namely that he was a “herald [preacher] of righteousness” (ESV).  Perhaps the Greeks had some dim memory of this truth as they told the story of Deucalion. Theophilus also states, cryptically: “And of the ark, the remains are to this day to be seen in the Arabian mountains.” 


2 thoughts on “Noah and Deucalion

  1. And if its deuter not deuc, then what about deuteronomy, and i related it to decade and decca being ten kings, though Deos is Theos. Either way the ten kings are the angels ruling not Noah. Their 970 years of 97 sars the king 7 Daonos rules after 7th forefather Enoch dies. So Pyrrha is more likely the human that the angel Deucalion (Xisuthros) married and she drowned in the Flood, not Noah’s wife on the ark.

  2. Paganism doesnt mean observe stars or worship stars. It means twist the truth about the stars, and about the gods, and about angels, and about our forefathers. Paganism is the act of screwing up a story and bragging it is more fun to celebrate it then. So like Saint and Santa, or Claus and Nicolaus, like Harethmoneth (rabbit month) with Easter month. Even with no religion and no churches and no Bible and no God, people thrive on moral-less lies and parties and abuse for fun. Let us vandalize, let us steal, let us lie, it is fun. BUT religion encourages this by creating false answers… Christmas is the death of Noah 250 years before Nimrod died. Calendar dates and stars prove it. BUT no one cares. Those who love Christmas will say it is Jesus, or say it is pagan and they know it. Those who hate it as pagan will lie and say it is Nimrod’s birth or death when it is Noah’s death with five known dates to fix it and prove it.

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