Stem Cell Research and Adoption

“North Carolina proponents propose spending $10 million, a fraction of what’s been committed in some other states, but comparable to amounts spent in Illinois and Maryland.

The North Carolina bill’s supporters emphasized that only embryos a few days old that are left over from fertilization clinics could be used under the proposed state policy. Tens of thousands of cells sit in freezers and would otherwise be discarded as medical waste, supporters said.

‘This bill comes down to what to do with the embryos that are left over after in vitro fertilization,’ Gulley said. ‘Do you flush them or do you use them to find a cure for people like me?'” (Raleigh News and Observer)

One bad deed doesn’t deserve another.  This raises the question of whether we should have all these frozen children waiting to be thrown away in the first place!  The whole in vitro fertilization and “design-your-own-child” clinic travesty is a quite sad.  Why do couples spend so much money to create their “own” baby when thousands of children are suffering and dying in orphanages around the world?  American consumerism knows no limits. 

Cultures always sacrifice their children to their gods–we flush ours down the drain so that we can have our model 1.5 children who look just like us.  Good thing God doesn’t treat us that way: He adopted us even though we were disfigured and disabled by sin.  “As you did unto the least of these, you did unto me …”  


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