Eucharistic Meditation – One Loaf

In the early Christian book of church order, the Didache, we find a beautiful prayer: “As this broken bread was scattered on top of the mountains and gathered together became one, so let your Church be gathered together from the ends of the earth into your Kingdom: for the glory and the power is yours through Jesus Christ for ever.” 


The church is made up of all sorts of people, just as all sorts of grains can be made into one bread.  As farmers gather the broken kernels of wheat and fashion them into bread, so God gathers up the broken pieces of humanity and re-makes them into the image of Christ.  This is how God creates the Church.  But, the wheat must be cut down and crushed before it can be turned into bread.  So we must be broken before we are put together again.  God wants to realize we can’t do it by our own strength.  He will raise us up, but only after we stop trying to raise ourselves.  This doesn’t mean we stop trying and give ourselves up to drift with the current.  Rather, we cease from man’s works and turn to God’s works.  The work of God is that we believe on Him and His Son.  The work of God is that He feeds us around this table.  We need to come with hunger.  But we also need to come with the expectation of being filled.


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