Unity and the Table

When we come to the Lord’s Table, we see the gospel.  We see the Body of Jesus broken for us in the bread.  We see the blood of Jesus poured out for us in the Cup.  But, we also see all sorts of people gathered around this table.  There are no age restrictions or racial barriers to the gospel.  The place to have true unity with fellow Christians is eating around a common table.  All the discussions and dialogue between famous theologians won’t accomplish anything until the Church stops chopping itself into a thousand pieces.  There are hundreds of Protestant denominations, and this is deplorable.  Our prayer should be for unity, a unity based on the Truth.  And Truth is a Person, the Lord Jesus Christ.  In writing to the Corinthians, a church that was deeply divided, Paul repeatedly points them to the Lord’s Table.  Their divisions were seen at the Table, and the healing would begin at the Table.  Gathering around this Table every week reminds us that we are not simply at church to hear a good sermon.  We are not a church to hang out with our friends.  We are at church in order to become the Church, more and more.  God grows and matures his Church by feeding them at His Table.  He is fashioning us into a Perfect Church, without the spots of heresy, or the wrinkles of divisions.  So, come to this Table, putting away any divisive spirit you may have in your heart.  Come, in the Unity of the Spirit.


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