Exhortation – 2 Sunday Before Lent

Some godly Reformed brothers teach that when we come to worship, we come to give praise and honor to God, and that we don’t come to get anything in return.  We come to give, not to get.  This is an understandable correction to the charlatans of “health and wealth,” but this is fundamentally misguided.  It is an overcorrection.  When we deny that we need to get from God, we are denying our very creature-hood.  As God’s creatures, we need all the time.  We need air.  We need food.  We need sleep.  If we don’t get these things, we will die.  In the same way, we need God.  God the Creator created us with a fundamental need for Himself.  There is a hole in the human soul which only God can fill.  Yes, we were created to glorify God.  Well and good.  But we were also created to enjoy God, forever!  When we come to worship God, we should come to glorify his name.  And we should come expecting him to bless us beyond all our imaginings.  This convicts all of us of thinking that we are so special that we can give God something no one else can give.  But God has given us everything we have, including the conviction of sins.  Even our conscience, which tells us we often do not come to worship God expecting a blessing, even this conscience is a gift from God.  So let us make use of the gifts of God, and confess our sins to the God who gave us these gifts.


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