Eucharist Meditation – 2 Sunday Before Lent

Peter tells us to practice hospitality to each other “without grudging.”  We need to open our houses and our hearts to each other in the same way that God brings us to His table.  We have all sinned against the Most High.  We have wallowed in our sins like a pig rolling in the mud.  We have returned to our sins like a dog returns to its vomit.  That’s what a Christian sinning is: returning to your vomit and eating it up again.  The thought should turn our stomachs.  Sin should turn our stomachs.  We need to throw it up, and throw it out.  Then, God brings us to this table.  God offers us warm bread and sparkling wine instead of vomit.  Without grudging the horrific things we have done to insult His Majesty, our Lord forgives us and brings us to a feast of fat things.  We must do the same.  No matter what your fellow church-members may have done to you (or what you think they have done to you), open your home to them without grudging.  Perhaps this doesn’t apply to any of you.  But it will.  We will step on each other’s toes.  We will offend each other.  We need to decide, beforehand, to practice hospitality.  We need to be practiced in hospitality so that when there really is a need, we can effortlessly invite the broken and suffering to feast with us.  God has prepared a feast for us and he wants us to call the world to come eat with Him.


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