2nd Sunday After Epiphany

Eucharistic Meditation 


One benefit of weekly communion is that we have a weekly attitude check.  Some of our Reformed brethren believe we should have communion less frequently so that we have more time to prepare for it.  By this, they don’t mean more time to buy the most expensive wine or set the table with the best arrangment of flowers.  What they seem to mean is that we need more time to meditate on our sins and to examine ourselves to see if we are worthy to partake of the Supper.  Weekly communion, on the other hand, forces you to deal with sin much more quickly.  If you are walking in the Spirit, this meal should convict you of your sins.  No one can approach this table without clean hands.  But if you have a month, or several months to confront your sins, I, for one, would be much less likely to actually confront them.  We all know how lazy we become when we have a deadline far in the future.  When I have a few weeks to write a sermon, I don’t.  When I have to write one for every Sunday, I’m kicked into high gear!  Communing with the Lord Jesus every Sunday should make us confront our sins more and more.  And when we confront our sins, confess them, and turn away from them, we will walk in the joy of the Spirit.  Reformed folks have a reputation for being dour, gloomy, and just focusing on total depravity.  But we do not come to a funeral, we come to a wedding feast.


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