Nothing New Under the Sun

A sad commentary on the times: “I see now no difference between the dress of matrons and prostitutes.” 

“Where is that happiness of married life, ever so desirable, which distinguished our earlier manners, and as the result of which for about 600 years there was not among us a single divorce?  Now, women have every member of the body heavy laden with gold; wine-bibbing is so common among them, that the kiss is never offered with their will; and as for divorce, they long for it as though it were the natural consequence of marriage.”

Sound familiar?  That’s the early Church Father, Tertullian, writing about Roman decadence in his Apology (!


One thought on “Nothing New Under the Sun

  1. The quote is definately sad, but refreshing in a way. I often get tired of people talking about how the world is going to hell in a handbasket, how everybody was perfectly moral 40 years ago and how the current teenagers are going to ruin everything. Maybe people have a pessimistic attitude stemming from “last days madness”, or maybe I’m just sensitive to this issue because I happen to be a teenager. Whatever the case, I’m always encouraged to know that this immorality is nothing new and nothing the gospel hasn’t been able to conquer before!

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