Yahweh’s Sovereignty in Joel

I’ll be preaching through Joel in the coming months.  I’ve always been fascinated by this minor prophet, and I’m quickly learning there’s nothing minor about him!

I only had funds to buy one commentary (besides my staples of Calvin and Matthew Henry), and so far, David Allen Hubbard’s volume in the Tyndale OT Commentary has been both erudite and fun to read.  Commentaries sometimes make exegeting Scripture drudgery, but Hubbard actually knows how to write:

“Yahweh’s sovereignty over creation is one of Joel’s strong emphases.  There is no hint of any source of the locust invasion.  Yahweh is responsible for both the sending (2:11) and the withdrawing of his army (2:20).  In both judgment and restoration Yahweh holds sway over the creation in such a way that the Hebrews can hold no view of nature as a set of laws or pattern that operate on their own, independent of the Lord’s control” (34).

Joel was a good Calvinist! 


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