The Future is Ours (or, Why Abortion Might Be a Good Thing)

Touchstone (Nov. 06) reports that the Russian government is paying up to $10,000 to women who have a second child. Apparently, Russia is just as anti-family as the rest of Europe seems to be and is losing about 800,000 people a year. Touchstone also noted the over-abundance of males in India and China, due to the abortion of inferior female babies.

All of this is quite encouraging, from one point of view. God is not mocked, and when we reject his Law, we burn our children to Moloch. Without God the Father, who would want to be a father? And cultures that absolutize Maleness face an obvious problem!

So, the future belongs to Christians who are busy filling the earth and subduing it. At some point, the only people who will be left are Roman Catholics, Mormons, and radical Reformed folks. Perhaps we’ll have a War of the Worlds ending, where the enemy suddenly dies off due to the unexpected cancer-causing side effects of genetic experiements and the abortion holocaust.


4 thoughts on “The Future is Ours (or, Why Abortion Might Be a Good Thing)

  1. Well, according to the laws of supply and demand, as more men are born, women will be in higher demand. The free-market balances out. Nonetheless, your point is still there.

    Anyway, about abortion, I propose a libertarian-like perspective that the most effective way to deal with abortion – whether “pro-life” or “pro-choice” – is by cooperating to find ways to simultaneously protect women’s freedom and reduce abortion.

    Scott Hughes
    Anti-Abortion & Pro-Choice

  2. Did you guys know that the birth control pill acutally kills the “embryo”? The egg is already fertalized by the time the pill does its duty.

    Scott, your comment sounds like you sympathize with women wanting abortions.

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