Unity and the Devil

I usually try to stay away from You-Tube, but this video is dead-on.  Just substitute the names “Christ Church” and “Doug Wilson” for a little extra fun!

To balance out my support of mindless pop-culture and gnostic media, here’s a quote on unity in the Church from the great medieval theologian, Hugh of St. Victor:

“We must also take into account that at the time of our change of life we declare perpetual warfare against the devil.  Now there is nothing he fears so much as the unity of charity.  For if we give away all we possess for God’s sake–this the devil does not fear, because he himself possesses nothing.  If we fast, he has no fear of our action because he does not use food himself.  If we make long watchings, again he is not alarmed, for he himself never slumbers.  But when we are united in brotherly love, then he is intensely affrighted–because we hold firmly here upon earth the treasure that he thought light of keeping in heaven” (Explanation of the Rule of St. Augustine, 5-6).


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