Britney’s Crotch – Photos

If you came here, you have a problem.  If you’re married, you’re wrecking your marriage.  If you’re single, you’re training yourself to be a selfish husband.  Don’t fool yourself about sin.  It grows and multiplies, just like cancer.  Virtual sex is no substitute for real sex in a Biblical marriage.  Your pursuit of pleasure will leave you hollow and empty.

Ten Ways to Break the Stronghold of Pornography  

Head Games 

Reformational Sex


6 thoughts on “Britney’s Crotch – Photos

  1. LOL your post caught my attention… only because I was reading the wordpress “apologetics” feed and thought “What’s a Christian posting on THAT for?”! Very nice tactic! I hope you got many hits and referred many people on… 🙂

  2. As someone who checks you blog almost every day, I was glad you have a new post to bump this one down. It’s a great tactic, but wasn’t the title I wanted to see every time I checked in : )

  3. Do you recall the SAT tests that have a section where the student is to distinguish between a set of words which word doesn’t fit? As I scanned your list of “Categories”, I think I will go with “Britney Spears”.

    P.S. This could have fit under “Culture” but I see you wisdom in placing it in its own category. Properly, this is just an example of good “practical theology”. Godspeed.

  4. Hi, Nathan!

    Yes, it’s part of the deception. Filing under “BS” (hmm, more possibilities) gives it more publicity in the WordPress Tag system. Almost 1,000 people have come here looking for Britney … kind of sad.

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