The Empty Anglican Church


Traveling to Bristol was both exhilirating and dreadfully draining (we took all three children, which won’t happen again until they can carry their own luggage!).  The saddest part was witnessing the irrelevance of the English Church.  We attended Evensong at the cathedral, along with 10 other people, not counting the choir and clergy.  We were in an empty cathedral, filled with tombs and history, beautiful architecture and liturgy.  An empty husk of a religion.  The ironic part was that outside, on the College Green, hundreds of teens met to hang out and act out the folly of Western hedonism.  We walk by faith and not by sight, and the faith has often survived dark periods when Christians met in the catacombs or read the Scriptures in small Irish monasteries.  But, we can learn a lesson from the English church.  Small compromises, over time, lead to massive errors.  The English church is irrelevant to most of the English, and most noticeably, the youth.  As we recover the doctrines of the Reformation, and as we recover a Biblical view of education and the family, we must make sure we pass on this legacy to our children.  We can’t be so busy saving the world, that we lose our own children.  We need to reapply basic truths to ourselves daily.  Otherwise, we end up with the husk of formality, and no kernels of truth.


One thought on “The Empty Anglican Church

  1. Boy, do we need to remember this! As we seek reformation, we also desire lasting impressions of God’s glory revealed in things like architecture. It is always a wonder to me to go into awe-inspiring buildings. Why are they awesome? Because they inspire awe, a sense of God’s glory, bigness, majesty. But, alas, in most of the most glorious churches are the most inglorious realities, empty pews, empty hearts. Although I would love to worship with our saints in a cathedral, I’ll take a gymnasium and folding chairs over the loss of our faith and a legacy of empty grandeur. I know, I know, that is a false dilemma. But there you go.

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