The Messy CREC


I’m a part of the Confederation of Reformed Evangelical Churches (CREC).  Our denomination is messy, like every other group out there.  There are aspects of the CREC which I think are wonderful, and aspects in which growth is needed.  The great thing about the CREC is that most everyone I know in the denomination realizes that growth is needed, and is working for that.  We try, as far as I can tell, to avoid the man-the-life-boats mentality of so much orthodusty

N.T. Wright (to step on even more toes!) said it well: “There is a tidiness proper to full human life.  There is also a tidiness of the graveyard,” (New Testament and the People of God, 109).  The CREC does not have it all figured out, and I hope everyone involved is humble enough to admit that.  When we circle the wagons and refuse to learn from history, then idolotrous stagnation sets in.  “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it,” said a wise man, but it’s also true that those who learn from history will not repeat the pattern endlessly.

Now, there are a myriad issues we could discuss in detail, and I’m intentionally speaking in generalities.  But, Wright highlights an important principle, which gives me hope in a messy world.


One thought on “The Messy CREC

  1. It’s easy as a denomination to acknowledge our immaturity in certain areas and be inclined to pursuits that lead to growth, but the key thing will be families teaching their young to adopt the same attitude, lest stubbornness and pride settle in when the denomination comes of hoary age.

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