Mark Foley, Amish Shooting, & Tomato Hornworms

I’ve been thinking about secret sins lately.  Two events in the wider world brought the issue into high relief: Sodomite Congressman Mike Foley’s fall (due to sexually-explicit IMs to minors) and the Amish school shooting.  In both cases, secret sexual sin led to a mighty fall.  In the case of the Amish shooting, the killer suppressed his sin for years, but it finally boiled over into death.  What is a Biblical response to these tragedies? 

The Amish horror illustrates Romans 1:18-31 yet again.  Read it over with the recent events in mind.  In Foley’s case, we will hopefully see Haman hanged on his own gallows.  Foley helped push through more stringet child-protection laws, which could potentially convict him now.  He dug a pit, and now he’s fallen into it.


And I couldn’t help thinking about tomato hornworms.  Yes, there is a connection between big, yucky caterpillars and secret sins.  The medieval Christians believed the entire world of nature was full of spiritual truths, and I think we need to learn from their example.  Sin is like the eggs the wasps lay on the caterpillar: eventually it will hatch and devour us (James 1:14-15). 


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