Elijah & John the Baptist

Dillard and Longman point out some fascinating parallels between Elijah & John the Baptist. I’ll paraphrase a bit …

1. Both Elijah and John dress in the same, retro style.

2. Both Elijah and John are hunted by deadly, scheming chicks.

3. Both Elijah and John “anointed their successors at the Jordan River” (166).

4. Elijah’s successor Elisha does a bunch or miracles. John’s successor Jesus, of course, does a bunch of miracles. Additionally, Elisha and Jesus do many of the same types of miracles. Matt. 11:4-5, “is largely a list of the miracles of Elisha” (167). Dillard and Longman give more details and evidence for this claims, but those interested can read it for themselves …


2 thoughts on “Elijah & John the Baptist

  1. Did they (Dillard Drive and Longman) mention the key differences between Elijah and John Baptist? Elijah hid God’s people in a cave (to escape oppression), John Baptist called God’s people out into the open (and now it became time for them to withstand oppression). Elijah called on kings to repent, John Baptist called on all people to repent. Elijah left this earth in a chariot of fire, John Baptist left this earth on a platter.

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