Praying in Jesus’ Name Practicum

According to Russell D. Moore in the latest issue of Touchstone, praying in Jesus’ name is a difficult thing to do in our military. His article, “Uniform Prayers” discusses the pressure chaplains are under to address God in prayer without the sectarian tag “Jesus”. It just makes Muslims and Jews uncomfortable. And, since our Army of One is the arm of our pluralistic empire “under God (however you define Him/Her/It)” this should come as no surprise.

Apparently, the House of Reps. is seeking to pass legislation to prevent such discrimination against Jesus’ name, but Moore points out that this is not ultimately the government’s job. He exhorts seminaries to train chaplains, and encourages denominations to send out tough, orthodox, chaplains to the front lines, instead of lowest-common denominator pansies. (I’m putting words in his mouth, but the substance is the same …)

Moore also includes brief discussion of why we pray in Jesus’ name, which relates to my previous post.


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