Healthy Eucharist = Healthy Church

Interestingly, even though he supported communion in only one species (bread) Nicholas de Cusa linked Eucharistic practice with the health of the church. As summarized by Pelikan, de Cusa argued: “When the love of the church was at its peak, believers communicated often and under both species; when it was only warm, they received more rarely and by means of intinction; and now that it was merely tepid, they received even less often and under one species. Thus, ‘the usage was commensurate with the love of the church,’” (Jaroslav Pelikan, The Christian Tradition, vol. 4, 124).

It is no coincidence that Paul comes back repeatedly to the Supper as he deals with the Corinthians and their train-wreck of a church. We either feast on Christ, or we feast on each other!


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