Feminine Christmas

Recently, I mused about why the Church celebrates Christmas more than Easter, and got good feedback which suggested that this is a modern aberration. Leon Podles confirms this:

“A woman relates erotically to a man not only as a husband and lover but also as a son and child. If the Christian should be feminine, as the Aristotelians maintained, he (or much more often, she) can relate as a mother to Christ. From this comes the devotion to the Christ child, and the importance of Christmas, which long ago eclipsed Easter as the greatest Christian feast in the Western church” (The Church Impotent: The Feminization of Christianity, 119).

This was an intriguing book, filled with statistics you can’t argue with and provocative theories of why women feel more at home in church (at least in the Western church). Essential reading for all men who want to lead their families in the Way of the Cross. (Podles points out continually that male strength and leadership are primarily for the purpose of self-sacrifice. More men who beat their chests about “headship” should ponder this…)


2 thoughts on “Feminine Christmas

  1. Actually, the problem is when men are told to be feminine the rest of the week. When we gather as the Bride of Christ, we are feminine. When we go out into the world, we are to take dominion and exercise headship/leadership over the spheres under us. Podles points out that the change in Western theology came when emphasis was placed on the individual soul being the bride of Christ, rather than the corporate Church.

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