Communion and Censure

We went over chap. 30 of the Westminster Confession (“Of Church Censures”) in our weekly men’s study group at church. One aspect of censures the Divines outline is “suspension from the Supper” (30.4). However, if the Church does not teach a high view of the Supper, who cares? If nothing happens during the Supper, then suspension from the Supper is meaningless. What child would give a rip if he was barred from a play-dough dinner? We can’t have effective church censures if we don’t have an efficacious Supper. We can’t have a high view of church discipline unless we have a high view of the Supper. We can’t have covenantal curses unless we have covenantal blessings. Of course, we don’t “have” any of this; we are merely the stewards of God’s mysteries. As good stewards, we must teach people that these mysteries are powerful to save and to condemn (1 Cor. 5).


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