Lewis’s Satanic Verses

C.S. Lewis had a profound understand of the devilish mind. I’m reading Perelandra again (for 8th grade English), and the temptation scenes between the Un-man, Ransom, and the Lady are masterful. The spooky thing is that the Un-man makes a good deal of sense. The Devil is a master of logic. Most of what he says through Weston is half-right. But, it is “bent” logic that comes from the “Bent One”.

I’ve written elsewhere about how Satan Loves Proof-Texts. Lewis seems to support my reading of how the Devil operates.

I’m reminded of the anecdote regarding The Screwtape Letters’ initial publication in serialized form. Some country parson wrote to the publisher, canceling his subscription to the paper. He objected to someone giving such “diabolical” advice. Lewis’s demons are eminently believable.


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