So Many Antichrists, So Little Brains

Gentry has a real, actual quote from a real, actual dispensationalist, explaining why so many apparent antichrists have flitted across the world stage, without getting the lead role and ushering in the end times:

“At all times Satan has had to have one or more Antichrist candidates waiting in the wings, lest the Rapture come suddenly and find him unprepared. That is why so many malevolent world leaders have had names whose letters added up to 666 when combined in certain ways. (Depending on which 666 formula is used, at any given moment there are several hundred thousand men in the world whose names add up to 666. It is from this large pool of candidates that Satan has traditionally chosen his ‘man of the moment’),” (Raymond Schafer, After the Rapture, 55, quoted in Kenneth Gentry, The Beast of Revelation, 11).

I wonder how many of the these antichrists-in-training have been busily employed writing malarkey like this to distract the Church from the weightier matters of the law, like giving our children a Christian education …

Additionally, with all this antichrist-training to do, how does Satan find the time to tempt everybody in the whole world at the same time? He must be, like, almost God or something!

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