Oden Hammers Away

More from Oden on the sickness afflicting modern seminaries:

“Under these assumptions [see paragraph below], theological inquiry may pretend to proceed almost entirely without reference to the worshiping community, its laity, its historic apostolic mission, and its classical texts. The critics that mean most to chic, mod-oriented, trend-smart ministry molders are only those commentators or researchers or feminists or deconstructionists who have written in the last ten years, twenty-five at most, not during the previous nineteen hundred. The serious study of Christian thought is considered to have begun with someone like Simone de Beauvoir or Paul Tillich, or at the very earliest with Friedrich Schleirmacher or Ludwig Feuerbach. It is easy to see how this premise marginalizes the study of classical Christian texts. Its modern chauvinism promotes a vicious subliminal attack on all premodern wisdoms. The fact that theology has no grassroots support or ties with worshipping community is at long last considered a badge of honor” (40-41).


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