Athanasius the Jazzman

Interesting how universal the tendency toward the lowest common denominator in aesthetics is. Athanasius (2 ½) invariably requests “toot toot jaaazz” if I ask him what music he wants to listen to. (He was also recently introduced to the Blues, and thinks that’s nifty, too). He can identify The Messiah, and loves the “hah-yu-ya” chorus, but this was quickly superceded by Louis Armstrong’s trumpet. So, we’ve had to limit jazz to Friday night (fun night), and continue to play higher-level classical music during the week. A two year old’s musical tastes need to be disciplined (trained) as much as his behavior. What he likes is not always what he needs. He would like to eat cookies all the time (and cookies are great) but we have to give him what nourishes him, both physically and aesthetically.


3 thoughts on “Athanasius the Jazzman

  1. Gregory,
    Why not have every night fun night? Listen to some of each music and have cookies after every meal? Rivers of blessings and pleasure flow 7 days a week, not just one. Just a thought…H

  2. Hi, Holly!

    You’re right about the abundance of blessings. My concern is that, in many families, all the kids are given is musical cotton candy. But, as long as we’re getting a healthy musical diet, I’m all for desert! Perhaps playing classical music during dinner, and then something more lively during clean-up time, would be a good way to balance it out …

    I should add we’re not as strict as the post makes us sound. I must admit to exposing the children to Cake, U2, and even (gasp) Jethro Tull!

  3. We didn’t do that balancing thing well…my kids did grow up on a lot of cotton candy. As a matter of fact, our whole family (all 10 of us) was dancing to cotton candy just last night while doing the dishes! =) I tend to go to the FUN extreme! And don’t gasp, but I LOVE Amy Grant’s hymns cds. Scary huh?
    Fun blog…I will keep reading it.

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