Federal Vision Controversy

The Federal Vision Gang is not the first to suggest the Reformed world is unbalanced:

George Eldon Ladd writes: “A Reformed scholar has pointed out that there is a danger in making justification by faith the central doctrine, namely, the danger of depriving Paul’s message of its ‘redemptive historical dynamic’ and making it into a timeless treatment of individual justification. The unifying center is rather the redemptive work of Christ as the center of redemptive history,” (A Theology of the New Testament, 412). The Reformed scholar referenced is H.N. Ridderbos.

Two more heretics for the bonfire!


One thought on “Federal Vision Controversy

  1. I re-read Robert Letham’s book from IVP, The Work of Christ, on the atonement, and he makes basicly the same point on what goes wrong when you have a lutheran justification-centric position.

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